introducing Lobos Country Store!!!

I want to invite all my readers, probably just the 3 of you who live locally, to come visit Lobos Country Store!
Lobos Country Store

At the end of the year a friend introduced me to a friend who was re-opening her store, after a devastating loss to the Witch Creek Fire in 2007.  We talked.  We dreamed together… and her plans came to fruition!  And I’m loving the opportunity to be a bit more creative again!

We organized an official ribbon cutting, with the largest pair of scissors this side of the Mississippi … and we turned the Grand Opening into a down-home country party!  BBQ and live music will do that for ya!

ribbon cutting at Lobos Country Store
Lobos Country Store (photo courtesy Lori Tisdale)

This was an excellent opportunity for me to display a wider range of my items in a brick & mortar shop (vs. just on Etsy) …. soooooo, now you can find some of DIY and vintage/collectible items in person!!!  These items include my witty and comforting messages hand-stamped onto vintage silverware, hand-painted wine bags and kitchen towels, burlap and lace table runners, mason jar lamps, glass milk items, re-purposed/re-cycled items, etc…

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Additionally, I have been given the opportunity to coordinate their open air markets…  On every First Friday we host a good ol’ fashioned party in the parking lot of the store.  This gives us an opportunity to showcase some of our favorite craftsman, artists, designers, crafters and even Carson’s rock collection!!!  This party included some awesome live music and amazing food!  The next First Friday Market occurs this Friday, from 3 – 7 pm!  Hope to see you there!!!

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I even had the opportunity to do a quick write up for the local City of Escondido magazine, as they kindly offered to help spread the word of the re-opening!

Spring 2014 issue of City of Escondido magazine

“Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, and after many years of hard work following the devastation that was the 2007 Witch Creek Fire, the legendary oasis previously known as the San Pasqual Store is returning with a new name and desire to survive.  Owners Chris and Jeannette McBrearty have recently re-opened what is now called Lobo’s Country Store, the store name dedicated to the wild dog that lost his life to the evil Witch.

“Promoting the warmth of community that the San Pasqual Valley is known for, the store is hosting First Friday Markets.  From 3 – 7 pm on the first Friday of every month you will find tasty food, local crafters / artisans and live music!  And watch for their quarterly Spring and Summer markets on Saturdays!  Offering both convenience store items and unique gifts / vintage household items the store is open from 11 am – 6 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.”  – Lori Tisdale, Market Planner/Promoter for Lobos Country Store

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Hope you can stop in soon!


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