prayers for Joseph Horton

On February 25, 2014, while driving home from work, Sgt. Joseph Horton was struck by a car that pulled out in front of him.  Joseph was thrown 50 feet from his motorcycle and sustained massive internal injuries. He was life-flighted to a nearby Trauma Center and immediately taken into surgery to stop the bleeding and assess the damage.



Now, nearly 3 weeks later (and very fortunate to be alive) he is still in very critical condition. Please pray for Joseph’s complete recovery.

Today he undergoes another surgery on his arm, and the Doctors are going to again attempt to wean him off of the respiratory ventilator.


Joseph is the son of my good friends Bob and debi Horton.  And when I see my friends hurt, I simply cannot control the tears.  My heart breaks for their broken hearts… but we stand with them in HOPE that God is on their side.

Several things the Horton family believes in:

  • The power of Prayer;
  • Miracles still happen;
  • Loving and supporting their family members; and
  • God is sovereign and has a plan to use even THIS for His glory!


Thank you for keeping Joseph in your prayers.  Please include his wife Angel and their two children in your prayers as well.

If it helps, this is how we’re praying:

  • Divine wisdom and courage for the Doctors and Surgeons currently working on Joseph;
  • Complete healing of all internal and external trauma;
  • Favor in the eyes of the decision makers for the potential move to the Walter Reed Medical Center, where he can continue healing and have access to amazing technology and knowledge to help with physical therapy; and
  • Financial needs will be met 100%


If you would like to know how to help in a tangible way, you can make a donation to the Horton family via Go Fund Me.  The funds will be used towards normal living expenses, travel and food expenses while their life has been turned upside down… click here:  GoFundMe


Thank you for supporting Joseph… whatever that looks like for you!



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