introducing: Authentic Thursdays | Guest posts from my Soul-Friends

Let me draw a picture for you:

Company is on the way.  I’ve done a bit of tidying up, prepared a warm beverage and set out something sweet to nibble on.  Spotted light is streaming through the picture window in the living room… it’s morning, my favorite time of day.  And the corner of the living room, which is also known as my writing spot will soon be occupied by two… me and a friend whom I’d like very much to introduce.


For your benefit (and the purposes of this undertaking) this guest will be a weekly, virtual guest.

I am so excited about introducing you to several of my special guests who love to write, some of them even love writing more than I do!

Some of these guests have an amazing ability to utilize words to encourage and challenge and prompt others towards change.  Some of these guests simply love to share their life with others … whether the topic is centered on their garden, a new recipe, their play time, their service time, what they see through their camera lens… the topic is their pick!

The one thing they all have in common?   I love that they live and share authentically…

So, stay tuned and watch for the upcoming guest posts by my community of wordsmiths in a new blog section called Authentic Thursdays.  The purpose of this endeavor stems from recent inspiration that drove me to act.  And while I cannot take credit for their skill or gifts or natural abilities I am happy to say that I just like both their style and their friendship!



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