TUTORIAL: Mod podge transfer technique

It’s time for another Seize the DIY tutorial!!!  Are you ready for this one?  You’re going to love how easy this!


Ingredients:  a few white-washed terra-cotta pots, scissors, printed images, mod podge (i prefer the satin finish), sponge brush and water.


First I started with some small terra-cotta pots that had previously been white-washed.  Super easy… if I haven’t yet posted that tutorial I’ll work on it soon.

Then I printed up some images I wanted to use (the bees).  In the image above you’ll see that I also showed a sample of words – which are shown as a “mirror” image.  When you use this technique to transfer words you’ll need to remember to print them as “mirror” images… or you’ll be as frustrated as I’ve been on a number of occasions when I forgot to do so.  ugh.


Anyway… cut out your image and then apply mod podge to the printed side of the paper.  Place on the object you’re transferring it to and then add some more mod podge to the outer layer of your image.  This will help the image to lay flat as you press down with the brush (it will help remove any bubbles that might be under the paper.)





For this technique I like to use the satin finish mod podge.  you could use the matte finish too.  that way if any gets on the object you’ve transferred the image onto it’s not as obvious when you remove the image (you won’t have shiny glossy mod podge to deal with after the fact).

At this point, set it aside and let it dry for several hours.  I usually do this at night… and then come back to the project in the morning.


When you’re ready to work some magic… start by applying water to the piece of paper.  I just use my finger.  But you could use a sponge brush.  rub the water onto the paper, until it starts to soak in.  At first it will only start to soak into the top lay of paper.  But give it some time, and keep applying the water.  You’ll most likely see the edges start to darken.





Then you can start CAREFULLY pulling up the paper around the edges.  Just start with one of the darker/wet edges of paper.  Pull up slowly.  Apply more water if needed.  Once the top layer of paper is pulled up the water will soak in much better.  Have patience and keep applying water.





Then, as you’ll see in the image above, the second layer of paper will come up pretty easily… see?

My tip is to rub your index finger on the pot in a circular motion.  The paper will come right up.  If you want, you can sand down the final image, after all the paper is gone… but gently.



And voila!

Now quickly!  Run to the store and stock up on terra-cotta pots!  It’s Spring!  You’ll want to plant things… I’m just sure of it.




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