Time for some Spring Cleaning…

It’s Spring Cleaning time… in the studio.

I’ve been going through boxes and crates and bags and more boxes…  consolidating, sorting and tossing.  And I guess it’s time to let you all know that The Salvaged Home is going through some changes…

First of all I’m grateful, BEYOND grateful, at the life The Salvaged Home took on after the 2012 Christmas Ideas BH&G publication… so very grateful for the opportunities to dream and create and inspire… and to have met so many amazingly creative and inspirational people along the way… but it’s time to take a step back.

For the most part, it’s time to put the creativity to work in a few different places going forward… and I’m so excited about the opportunities on the horizon!

Some of you are already aware of my desire to write and speak encouraging words into the lives of others.  And I thank you for supporting that and encouraging me to pursue those dreams!  THANK YOU!!!  This past weekend I got to present some of my favorite DIY techniques to a gracious group of ladies who were eager to try their hand at some crafty fun!  Last month I was published in a small regional magazine (see page 12), with a brief write-up about a grand opening at a local store.  I have been dedicating extra time and effort to my blog having enjoyed several weekly challenges.  Blog traffic and readership has increased during this time.  Last December I had the opportunity to prepare a talk for about 100 ladies, and presented it at a special Christmas event and dinner. Several months before that I stretched myself by leading a mixed media art workshop for some very special friends who wanted to “play”.

The more I write and prepare and teach and present… well, the more I am reminded of my long-term dream of writing.

Plainly speaking, I love writing.  I love the creativity of expressing thoughts, inspiration and life lessons through words.  I thrive on sharing with others… using words to do so, authentically.

I’ve been writing creatively for over 30 years… and studying creative writing for over 30 years.  And dreaming about creative writing for over 30 years.  It has been a dream of mine to write.  There, it’s out there.  Through the joys and struggles and lessons of life… I’ve long known that I would be writing.  I just wasn’t in too much of a rush to make it happen.  I just knew… when it happens, it’ll happen.

With that said, it appears I am finally ready to pursue that dream.  To do so, I am itching to do some spring cleaning of the studio in an effort to hold on to the projects I truly love and make room (in my house, in my heart and in my mind) for this next adventure.

Which brings me to my point… this post is to announce The Salvaged Home GARAGE SALE!!!  I will have DEEP DISCOUNTS available on display pieces along with products/project leftovers and even better prices on incomplete projects and more!  

When?  Saturday, April 5th at the Spring Market @ Lobos Country Store.  Mark your calendars!!!

And speaking of Lobos Country Store… you’ll want to plan for some extra time to spend at the Spring Market.  Food trucks, live AWESOME music by Suzanne Harper and loads of good stuff!  11 am – 6 pm on April 5th.  See you there!

All of that to say, my current plan is to continue to do craft fairs and shows… but on a much smaller scale. So do not fret! Currently I still plan on participating at several of the fun events in the Fall (just on a much smaller scale). What that looks like going forward hasn’t really been determined yet… but I know this, I will never stop creating!


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