an insightful book launches VERY SOON!

Surprised by Motherhood, by Lisa-Jo Baker
Surprised by Motherhood, by Lisa-Jo Baker


What an honor!  I was invited to be a part of Lisa-Jo’s Launch Team for her book surprised by motherhood, which hits bookshelves one week from today!!!  Being the generous friend she is, Lisa-Jo has made the first three chapters of her book available here: 


While I’m not a mother (unless of course you count our fur kid Callie), author Lisa-Jo Baker and I started in the same place… she and I had both decided we weren’t meant to be moms.



Some people are afraid to ask.  Others come right out and inquire.  And I share my decision with friends  … and what happens?  They inevitably take a step back, blink their eyes twice in amazement and then gaze at me as if I was a unicorn.  Seriously.

But in all seriousness, this was something I knew in high school:  I was not going to bear children.


Sure, there was the fear that I would mess them up.  (But doesn’t every kid blame a parent for messing them up?!)

No, I wasn’t afraid of the pain of child-birth.  (I’m tough like that.)

Sure, one could say “Well, you just weren’t ready yet.”  (But tell me, who REALLY is ready to be a parent?  Emotionally, financially, etc… who?)


No, I had simply made an intentional decision that if/when I was to get married the next step wasn’t going to be the path of motherhood.


Don’t get me wrong… I love kids.  I love their giggle.  In fact, I have sacrificed many things in my life to protect others’ children.

I am Auntie Lori to a number of children, some of them family and some of them just because I love their parents.  I am both the fun aunt AND the strict aunt and the supportive aunt and the aunt who ALWAYS has gum in her purse…


But the decision stands…


Yes, this is a bit unconventional.  (I’ve been known to be unconventional and a little rebellious in my lifetime.  I’m ok with that.)


And yet, this book stirred something in me.  (No, I’m not reconsidering motherhood.)  It stirred in me grace… this theme has been running through various spaces in my head and heart for some time now.


Grace for mothers.  Grace for my Mother.  Grace for the awkward mother/daughter relationships (aren’t they all, a little?).  Grace for women.


Having read the first several chapters, an insight into both a wonderful and heart-wrenching time in someone’s life … well, I won’t lie, it affected me.

It’s written about motherhood but this book is for anyone … mother or not.  After all, we were all born of mothers.

Starting next week you can download or purchase your copy via Amazon…


But hey, do me a favor?  Be a dear, and post a comment about what surprised you in motherhood… ?  I’d love to learn from you too… 


5 thoughts on “an insightful book launches VERY SOON!

  1. I love your honesty and heart here, Lori. You made a decision that was best for you, and God has blessed others through you as a “mother-like” figure, I know. I have plenty of women God has used the same way in my life, including an aunt that never had children, but treated her nieces and nephews as her own. And you are right, this book is all about grace and that’s the beauty of it all. And perhaps as my short five years as a mother, that is what is starting to surprise me most of all. That I could be covered by so much grace for all the times I fail and worry that I’m going to mess up these little souls He’s entrusted me with. One day at a time I’m learning to live in grace and cover my children with the same grace showered on me by such a wonderful Grace-Giver as our God. Thank you for sharing your words today. I’m glad I visited. 🙂


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