Authentic Thursdays | Guest post by Holly Mikovits

Message from Lori:   it’s Authentic Thursday time again!!!  On Thursdays we will be joined by various blogging/writing friends who have agreed to join forces with the purpose of simply being themselves.  I cannot take credit for their skill or gifts or natural abilities … but I am happy to say that I dig their style and friendship and authenticity!

Today I have the honor of introducing you to a lady who was pivotal in my faith journey…. my generous, loving, prayer-filled friend Holly is someone you want to sip coffee and connect with.  So, grab a cup… and settle in for a bit of sharing time.  Thank you, Holly, for your valuable insight…


Holly Mikovits
Holly Mikovits

“First of all, what an honor to be here! Or should I say… an honor to call Lori friend.  The folks we walk through life with everyday… they teach us, inspire us, challenge us and hold us dear… and Lori has been all of these things to me.

In January… as I do every year, I chose a word… well actually I think it chose me. In a moment of contemplation and introspection, the Holy Spirit gently whispered…Glory! God’s glory! I want you to see it…in everything.

Nothing that happens in this life is random… 

God’s amazing purposes are continually being worked out in every circumstance, every relationship, every joy and every sorrow. I want you to arise each day and expect God to show you His glory…it may not look the way you think it should and if you’re not careful…if you don’t  dwell in the hiding place of the Most High you just might miss it!

Well, I thought that if I were to be so acutely sensitive to His glory… I certainly should keep a record of what I see… what I experience. After all, this 50 year oldish mind can barely keep track of my do to list and calendar….in fact I have to make notes to remind myself to check my To Do list!

Well let me just say that it is April and I have been an epic failure at doing that… I have journaled and blogged some {not nearly enough} but others have been recorded in pictures…. God knows I am a visual learner and pictures are much easier for my mind to contain and remember and relish!

This past weekend I was incredibly blessed to travel to the sweet little town of Franklin, Tennessee. I had been anticipating this trip for months…but had very little expectations. I really had very little idea what was in store but I knew that I was traveling to meet a precious woman who has spoken into my life for many years. Patsy Clairmont is one of the original Women of Faith ladies. God has used her hysterical humor and poignant story telling to touch my heart and teach me year after year. This weekend was an opportunity {in a very small, intimate setting} to get to know her. I can’t even begin to describe to you the way God showed His glory from the time I left San Diego to the moment we returned. You see I traveled with a very special lady… a dear friend that I have laughed with and wept with over the past 15 years. A friend that upholds me in prayer and encourages me as well as challenges me and holds me accountable. I could see His glory in our conversations…. in our laughter… when we arrived in Nashville we were greeted by a sweet, handsome young southern gentleman that said yes ma’am… opened our doors and carried our luggage… I saw His glory in that young man!

After arriving at our hotel and settling in, we had the opportunity to meet Patsy and the other women we would spend the weekend with!  His glory was written all over their faces and spoken through each of their stories. His Glory shone brightly as we were introduced to authors and poets, singers and songwriters… He had given them all a purpose and they were using their gifts to shine the light within them… {the light of the Savior!}  Words were spoken and sung and shared with never a wasted word. We were in the presence of some of the most known and talented individuals in the Christian community but His glory is what was reflected! Patsy shared her home and her heart…her sweet little town and her friends and her family. Her message to us…

“You are more than you know!”

Wow really? Yes! Because God is more than you know!! Before us stood a 78-year-old woman… successful by the worlds standards and certainly of retirement age… but never of a retirement mind!! She shared her new-found love of painting and exuberance for life-like we seldom see in woman in her stage in life! I took in her every word and watched closely as she shared of herself so generously. She has lived a full and colorful life, has many stories to tell and I wanted to soak in every last ounce of wisdom that she was willing to give… but I realized that the more I listened… this woman I have so admired for so long was merely a reflection of His glory! God Himself has always been speaking to me through Patsy and others like her and through the folks I walk through life with everyday. You are more than you know He said to me! You are more than you know………but to see that, you must dwell in the hiding place of the Most High…with me He says….every moment of everyday!…… and you will see my Glory in Everything!

I don’t want to allow fear or complacency to ever prevent me from discovering who God created me to be… but truth be told I do it all the time!

What’s holding you back? Jump in… all in… with me!! Hold tight to Him and let’s see where He will take us!”  – Holly



BIO:  Holly Mikovits

A wife and mom and soon to be Nana… I love to express my heart through the written word and photography!  I have a love for travel and exploring new things but my biggest passion is to see women grow in their relationship with Christ.


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