Community issue: Synopsis of Escondido Country Club issue

Currently happening in Escondido… a fight over open space.  Open space that has been near and dear to me in my 30+ years in North County (20+ years in Escondido).  The Church I was raised in is located in the Country Club area… and to put it simply, the Country Club area is naturally one of the hidden beauties of our City.  When I’m heading anywhere in the northwest part of town I typically take the long way around just so that I can drive through the serene country club area…

But that might all change… and that makes me feel so sorry for the people who invested their retirement and savings into homes in the area with the plan of making the area home.  But these homeowners, some of them who invested in the beauty of a home backing up to a golf course, may instead be looking at an additional 430 homes wedged tightly within their open space.

It’s a shame.  Plain and simple:  “The Lakes at Escondido, LLC” (and the people seeking out signatures) is not correctly or completely representing the facts behind their initiative!

To spread the word and raise awareness of the topic, the Escondido Country Club Homeowners (“ECCHO”) group has put together a video explaining why it’s important NOT to sign the new initiative being presented by The Lakes at Escondido, LLC (the out-of-town developer).   The video is linked at the bottom of this entry.

As an added service to the people of our community, I have written a brief synopsis of the situation.  This came about when a friend of mine (who is hearing impaired) asked for an explanation as to what the video says.

In this link you will find my synopsis of the situation, which is a mix of my opinion (from my own research) and quotes and statistics from the video produced for ECCHO:  ECCHO “Don’t be Fooled!” (synopsis)


Like the video says, “Don’t be Fooled!” Escondido…


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