Sabbatical 2014: Week 1

Well, here we are.  Day 7 of my sabbatical.    Most frequently asked questions:  Are you going to write a book?  What do you do with that much free time?  Where are you going?

Well, here you have it.  I have more time on my hands and do a bit more writing.  But I knew I also wanted to focus on doing things I don’t normally get to do (because of a busy schedule, work, etc).


Here’s what I did…

I went 7 days without putting on makeup.  (And he still loves me just the way I am!  He’s a keeper!)

week1 - 5

I procrastinated on at least one thing each day (great advice from my lil’ brother).

I went for a morning bike ride on the coast.


I went to the thrift store.

I baked a vegetable lasagna – and then took it over to a friend.

I enjoyed a few brunches and went on coffee dates and enjoyed impromptu time with friends over gelato.

week1 - 3


I watched the peonies bloom.

week1 - 1

I got caught up on a season of The Good Wife.

I pre-baked some potatoes for a few morning scrambles.

I enjoyed an amazing ham/potato/cheese scramble.

I went to the thrift store again.

I read up on new interests.

I set some lunch and coffee and gelato dates for next week.



I also slowed down.  I read more of my favorite book.  I browsed (online) less.  I created more.

I took deeper breaths.

I enjoyed life…

Stay tuned for next week’s riveting sabbatical developments…


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