Young Living Event – Nitro Intro

This week I joined 8 other ladies from our local Young Living team, The Oily Sistas, for a FUN and informational event in downtown San Diego.  The focus of the meeting was on the Ningxia Red product line and more specifically their Nitro product.  More info available in this video.

Ningxia Nitro | Young Living Essentilal Oils

It made for a long day… went to work in the morning (and that means I sit down at my desk about 5 am), then made a quick trip home in the early afternoon before heading back out to meet gals for our carpool to downtown San Diego.

We “talked oils” all the way down to the Harbor area, found our spot and bee-lined to the pre-event shopping area… only to find out our favorite products were already SOLD OUT?!  (Yes, there had been a line… and those products sold out within 10 minutes of the door opening!  This stuff is H.O.T.)

The excitement built as we stood in the waiting area while we waited for the doors to the main event to open…

What we experienced was inspirational, knowledge-building and fortifying for our resolve to get these essential oils into the hands of all of our friends and families.  It’s that simple… we just CAN’T NOT share about the benefits of Young Living’s essential oils.

Host Haley Zitting of Young Living introduced us to the newest staff member to join Young Living Dr. Lindsey Elmore (Director of Global Education and Health Sciences), Jodi Samuels (Product Manager), Mr. Nitro (Stevie Baggs, Jr – NFL Player), the Oola Guys (Dr Troy Amdahl and David Braun)!!!

A virtual power-house of information was unloaded on us over the next 3 1/2 hours… and my brain was full.  Here are a few shots of the highlights of the evening…

I loved the videos played… let me leave you with this one:  Mr. Nitro


Young Living Essential Oils has a Seed to Seal commitment… and that’s what sealed the deal for me.  If you want to read more or know more about acquiring these oils, please contact me at or visit here.


Disclaimer / Safety Advisement:  Lori Tisdale does not claim to be a medical practitioner. She does not diagnose, treat or prescribe any medical treatment or advice. Users of essential oils should always consider discussing treatment of medical conditions and/or inform your primary care physician before using alternative therapies, natural supplements, or vitamins. While well-intentioned some alternative therapies may not be conducive to a prescribed therapy and/or prescribed medications.  


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