2015 word of the year: HOPE



Annually I spend time focusing on a verse and a word.

In 2014 I focused on what it meant to be His BELOVED.

In 2015 I am being led to focus on His HOPE.


Let me share a recent chat with a friend… I don’t think she’ll mind (especially since I was the one with all the typos and auto-correct mishaps – which have been edited for these purposes).

Tricia:  “I’m wondering what methods or processes you use in seeking the Lord on your “word?”

Me:  “Seeking out my focus word for the year is something that starts around Thanksgiving. And as I work through devotionals and pray for what lessons God has in store for me I pray that He would lead me to what He wants to do in my life.

“I had actually been praying about three different themes that kept coming back to me – I’m sure none of them would have been incorrect.  But one day something just felt right about “hope”.  So I started to dive into a word study and it was clear that that’s where God wanted me, based on the meaningful messages I was reading in Scripture. It all just jumped off the page at me.”

Tricia: “That’s awesome.  So in your daily devotions or life throughout the year – what’s your approach to the words?”

Me: “It’s different from year to year. Two years ago the theme was “forgiveness”.  I was led to make a list of people or situations where I needed to work through forgiveness.  And in the next 12 months God brought me to divine appointments with all of the people and circumstances on those lists.  You know how I am with lists.

“I just bathed the theme in prayer. And He gave me what I needed to work through it that year. There wasn’t any schedule, or formal study involved. It was just asking him to open my heart to that theme.

“And I saw messages about that theme almost daily.

“Last year the theme was “beloved”. And again, there was no formal study, or schedule, just praying for God to open my heart to receive His love the way He intended us to receive His love… and to learn more about the WHY behind this theme was being impressed upon my soul.”


As we move throughout the year I intend on sharing Bible verses, lessons from life, stories of hope, etc as I dive into this gift of hope… as it is QUITE the gift!  Imagine an existence without hope… no thank you!!!


One thought on “2015 word of the year: HOPE

  1. She doesn’t mind! lol and I look forward to taking this journey with you and sharing all we are learning about HOPE with each other…


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