How are you loving?

serve in love


As I was completing our Christmas cards this past year I was heart-broken over the number of families I wouldn’t be sending cards to this year… sudden loss had changed their family dynamic and it just wasn’t going to be right to send them a cheery holiday card.  Death.  Divorce.  Other unmentionable stuff…

I instead thought about how I could show them I was thinking of them at “the most wonderful time of the year”… and it occurred to me that when I was facing Grampa Marvin’s death, or Gramma Ruth’s passing or the loss of my first marriage that all I really wanted was a set of friendly eyes to look into and a warm neck to hug.

I didn’t need consoling.  I didn’t need to hear the words “I’m so sorry.”  I didn’t really need anything, except for a friend.  My material needs were being taken care of.  My spiritual needs were being addressed.

My emotional needs were lacking.

That last one was partly my fault… admittedly, I held people at a distance while I was hurting.  Seemed natural at the time.

But as soon as I needed a friend, I knew I could call on a few friends who would just be there for me… not offering advice, not trying to fix my problems, not attempting to make it better… just being with me.

With love, they served me by simply being there for me… by simply sitting next to me and being there if I needed them… by simply being available by phone.

Sometimes I even offered up: “Hey friend.  I need your friendship today.  I don’t need you to  attempt to fix my problem.  I just need a friend today.”

How are you serving your friends?  

How are you loving them?  

Galatians 5:14:  Love your neighbor as yourself…








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