A tribute to Pastor Chico Goff

The words shared from the pulpit this past Sunday were difficult words to hear.  And yet they were also therapeutic.  They were difficult to process, and yet it was a healing process.  Our Pastor, Chico Goff, announced his resignation.

These words, mirrored after a similar tribute written about my own father (also a Pastor) were penned on my heart several weeks ago… as I prayed the circumstances wouldn’t come to this.  But come to this, it did…


To my pastor (and friend), Chico Goff… thank you for your shepherd’s heart… 

He dedicated our children… and baptized our believers.

He married our young.

He held the hands of those dying… and sat with those losing their loved ones.

He buried our dead.

Mission Hills Church will sorely miss our shepherd.

He listened to our hearts and gave us comfort in sorrow… and stood with us as our wounded hearts cried out in despair.

He rejoiced with us in success.

His servant-like spirit challenged me to be a better leader, partner, spouse, friend, believer.

His willingness to be real with us spoke volumes.

His love for “doing life” together resonated deep in my soul.

He has been an adviser, a confidant, and a peacemaker.

He faithfully delivered the Word of God in service after service, and in the hallways and courtyard… in class after class, sermon upon sermon, lesson upon lesson… in thousands upon thousands of occasions.  He led us to truth and light and life… warned us of dangers… encouraged righteousness… and modeled humility.

He personally led many to Jesus Christ… and many more of us back to a relationship with Christ.

He allowed for those of us who were hurt to be hurt and take the time to heal.  He gave us the space we needed to learn to trust again.

For me he has modeled patience… godliness… gentleness… integrity… stability… kindness… faithfulness… sound leadership… wisdom… brotherly love.

He has sacrificed for us, because he loves us.  As my shepherd he humbly led me when I was lost.

In my life, for a decade, but for thousands of others for nearly two decades… and in a million different ways… he has shown us Jesus.

Pastor Chico … you will be greatly missed.


2 thoughts on “A tribute to Pastor Chico Goff

  1. well said, Lori. Ours was a family who was taught, encouraged And comforted by Pastor Chico. He, like we all are, will be carried by the Everlasting Arms. Praying He will bless and be blessed in whatever our Lord has next for Him.


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