My WHY is where I thrive!

INTRO:  Thank you to Simon Sinek and Janell Vonigas for helping me tap into my WHY.  Neither of you know me but thank you for the guidance, background, perspective, inspiration.

To Simon Sinek – I’m reading “Start with Why” (about 2/3 of the way through – and I’m totally digging it).  With each page I’ve become a bit more panicked over what my WHY is and just can’t tap into it.  Until today.  (Simon Sinek is an author best known for popularizing the concept of “the golden circle” and to “Start With Why”, described at a TED Conference as “a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership.)

To Janell Vonigas – Thank you for your tips in a recent biz Q&A video where you answered questions from your team and shared it with anyone that wanted to watch.  I had a total light bulb moment   And I’m not even on your biz team.  Thanks for freely sharing of your insight like you do!  (Janell Vonigas is a wife | mom | essential oil junkie | control freak | sassy pants.)

I’ve “been in the biz” for over a year now and am just now figuring out what my WHY.  Yes, a whole year later.  I tried to force it… nothing made sense to me until now.  I’ve actually enjoyed the learning process of figuring out what motivates/excites me and makes me stay up way past my bed time vs what brings me down and what tasks I procrastinate on.  So what biz am I talking about?  You know it doesn’t even matter… MY WHY is MY WHY.   And it’s MY WHY no matter what field I’m in.

But it would help if you had some perspective.  So I’ll tell you… but let me preface it with saying I had no business committing to anything else in my personal time.  At the time I decided to do the oily biz I was also doing the following:  working a full-time job, serving on a women’s ministry team (organizing community events / handling social media needs), writing regular blog posts / hosting guest bloggers on a regular basis, organizing / participating in vendor events (primarily vendors of handmade products), mentoring other vendors, managing social media / promotions for a local start-up and balancing home life.  Oh wait, I’m sure I’m leaving something out.  Oh yes!  And managing my own handmade products business out of my home – which included an Etsy shop, vendor events, etc.  You see, I had no business taking on another endeavor.

But I couldn’t help myself.  (The story of my life!)

So WHY did I decide to jump in with both feet in doing the oil biz when I was already over-tasked and over-scheduled?  Well… I’m glad you’re here.  It means you’re thinking about your WHY as well.  Keep reading…
why thrive cropped

MY WHY:  The Epiphany

First off, let me just share a bit about myself:

  1. I’m a complex person.  (For example: I appear to be an extrovert, but really I recharge when I’m by myself.  I understand that makes me more of an introvert.  Maybe I’m what people call an extroverted-introvert.  Or is it an introverted-extrovert?)
  2. I’m a creative person but I don’t always like to create things.
  3. I’m an analytical thinker but I don’t always like to be deep in analyzing mode.
  4. I love music.  I have a strong desire to have music on all the time.
  5. I have a deep spiritual faith.
  6. I’ve gone through a lot of trials in my lifetime and value each one as a learning opportunity, instead of being a victim because of them.
  7. I’ve been blessed beyond belief in my lifetime.  I do not deserve the goodness that has been bestowed on me.
  8. A lifetime of forgiveness and mercy is my story.  I’d love to tell you about it someday.
  9. I easily make friends of all ages, shapes/sizes, races, and religious beliefs.
  10. I’m part Bohemian and part Norwegian. ←— that explains a lot.

What does that all boil down to?  I’m a continual learner.


I live to learn new things.  I read books, ask questions, watch videos, surf the interwebs…

Additionally, I am deeply motivated by adding value to others’ lives.  I absolutely love having the opportunity to come alongside someone and show them something new or sharing a story with them.

I love to educate.  Even more so I love seeing the light bulb go on over someone’s head as they figure something out, or are driven to set a goal.

Even more so I love standing in the shadows and cheering those people on as they hustle to meet that goal and / or are blessed with opportunities to walk through doors that some never get to walk through.

I am big believer in using both hemispheres of the brain in day-to-day life – from planning a party to solving complex problems, while handling inter-personal issues and tackling a project a home and even while putting a grocery list together.  We are more fully ourselves when we utilize both sides of our brains – putting our creative AND analytical skills to work.

Wait a minute – you say you aren’t analytical?  Or didn’t get the creative gene?  I call balderdash!

Whether you believe it or not – you did.  You can creatively problem solve.  And you can skillfully have fun, being more analytical than you thought you were.  I promise.  You may have a dominant type, but you’re already using both sides of the brain right now whether you knew it or not.

If you have a “weaker” side, I challenge you to put yourself to the test.  GIve yourself a personal challenge… for your weaker side.  Go analyze something or go create something.  I guarantee you – you’re going to be better / do better / have more fun than you think.  I promise… go take a painting class, sit down and Google Excel tips if you want to learn how to do spreadsheets better… you get the point.  Just do it!


See?!  There I go… pushing you to get off your duff and go learn something.

In a nutshell, my WHY is to add value to others’ lives.  I live to see someone learn something.  I thrive on those light bulb moments.  I love to watch someone hit a goal they set for themselves and then hustle to accomplish that goal.

That’s My WHY.

I thrive when I put THAT to work… whether it be in a vocation, how I spend my personal time, where I volunteer my time, etc.  I have found my sweet spot.

All of the skills I’ve put to use in my lifetime merge here.  My WHY is where I thrive.


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