Been challenged to grow yet today?

Felt a little uncomfortable yet?  Learn anything new today?  Stretched to be a better person yet?  Or better yet, have you had your proverbial hand slapped today?   In a good way, of course… in a “you’ll be a better person for it” kind of way.

Let me share this quote with you… as shared by a friend.  I won’t lie:  it challenged me a bit… and it’s so right on!

We live in a day where we spend more time studying what others say about the Bible than studying the Bible for ourselves.  – Rob Ketterling

We read blogs and others’ rhetoric, we stand around and talk it up, we make judgments based on outward appearances instead of turning to the good book to see what it has to say on the topic.

So, here’s your hand slap… put down the phone / mobile device / pc… and go pick up your Bible.  Do a little study.  If you’re looking for something to read… check out Isaiah 61.  It’s rather promising!!!



One thought on “Been challenged to grow yet today?

  1. It seems anymore it’s a daily lesson occuring. I’ve come to think it’s what the purpose of my 50’s has been. Ironically or not, my best years yet!


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