Leaders and tough conversations

tough convos

A willingness to have the tough conversations, with the right attitude, shows the markings of an emotionally healthy leader.

A true leader cares about others to the point of knowing when NOT having that tough conversation is a barricade to their success.

A true leader knows when ignoring a topic would impede development of a team or organization.

This type of leader is emotionally healthy, cares for the organization on the whole, is confident but humble, and is big-picture oriented.  This type of leader puts the needs of the organization ahead of their own.

An emotionally healthy leader welcomes feedback, positive or negative, as they humbly recognize the evaluation can better the organization on the whole.  They do not internalize is.  They are not polarized by the comments.  They do not take it personally.  

Tough conversations… they are difficult, vital, and if handled properly productive.


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