WWJD with social media these days?!


Romans 14 reminds us to treat others gently.  So why is everyone, yes you too Christian friends, bashing on each other?  Fellow believers:  I want to yell at you but that wouldn’t be very gentle.  So instead I’ll take to penning out my frustrations.  So this is direct in tone… but as gentle as I can put it.

At the risk of sounding 110% cliché, What Would Jesus Do?  What would HIS social media posts look like?  I’m going to suggest He would post funny cat videos, a link to the zoo’s newborn panda enclosure, and selfies with the beautiful sunsets.  I think He’d also include Bible verses about creation, our purpose, the importance of worshiping our Heavenly Father and loving each other.

I doubt he would post things and call people stupid idiots because they believe something different (different religions, different political standards, etc).  I doubt He would blast a local merchant on Facebook.  He wouldn’t whine about his dusty sandals or that his GIPS got him lost.  Dare I say He wouldn’t even post argumentative comments to someone’s post …

This is the point: He would use the same ol’ loving approach He’s known so well for.

What would Jesus do?  He would just continue to love people even though He felt differently than they did.  He might even go hang out with them and chat with them and tell them how much He appreciates them and loves them… yes, in spite of His differing opinion.

And so may I remind you fellow believers of this verse (you GOTTA love this!):  “So tend to your knitting. You’ve got your hands full just taking care of your own life before God.”  (Romans 14:12)

Or the more direct way of saying it… quit your griping and go do something about it – lovingly and gently.


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