Do not be anxious…


Are we focused on our problems or are we focused on what is true, and noble, and right, and pure, and lovely and admirable?  Are we focused on what is above?  Or are we focused on what worries us today or next week or about what the future holds?

Focus on the facts (not the “what ifs”)… what is true.  Focus on doing right… what is noble.  Focus on His word… what is right.  Focus on His love… what is pure.  Focus on His provisions… what is lovely.  Focus on His sacrifice… what is admirable.

It’s a choice.  Plan for the future, but don’t worry about the future.  Be wise when making decisions but don’t fret over them.  Be good stewards of the resources at your fingertips but don’t take your eyes off of who gave them to you.


And the peace of God which is by far greater than anything you or I could EVER comprehend will fall on us like rain… I promise.  We will be calm and we will say things like “God’s got this!” and people will look at us like we’ve fallen off our rockers.  And maybe we have… but God’s still got this.


Source:  Philippians 4


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