What does a MOXIE Mentor relationship look like?

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What a MOXIE Mentor IS (My Responsibility)

  • I am honest / open.
  • I am consistent / available.
  • I am compassionate / caring.
  • I will strive to be peaceful / content.
  • I will strive to add value / be an influencer.
  • I am curious / will ask a lot of questions.
  • My questions may create uncomfortableness.
  • I will challenge stagnant thinking.
  • I will strive to pull you up instead of bring you down / positively focused.
  • I will be your cheerleader.
  • I will offer suggestions to meet goals.
  • I will suggest mutual brainstorm sessions.
  • I will be authentic / genuine.
  • I will strive to listen to understand.
  • I will offer guidance without telling you what to do.
  • I will suggest resources and offer ideas.
  • I will make you feel safe.  This is a judgment-free zone.

What a MOXIE Mentor is NOT

  • I may not reply back to messages / calls in a timely manner.
  • I will not always be available.
  • I am not be your counselor.
  • I am not be your problem-solver.

Mutual Boundaries / Setting Expectations

Note – there are no right or wrong answers – but think about these things

  • Is there a time limit to this relationship?
  • Is this relationship based on hitting a goal?  What is that goal?  What is the time frame?
  • Tell me what you need – I cannot read your mind.
  • What do the meetings look like?  In person or over the phone or web conference.  (Length of meeting varies.)
  • Are there other expectations on your part?
  • Moxie is here for your benefit – if Moxie is no longer adding value then it’s time for us both to move on.

Your responsibility

  • Be honest / tell me the truth – not what you want me to hear.
  • Keep this a judgment free zone = you’re in charge of your own future.
  • Be consistent / don’t cancel our appointments.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Work hard.  Don’t make excuses.
  • Don’t give up.
  • Speak up.  If you’re done with the business relationship, say the word – no hard feelings.
  • If you feel you have gleaned what you need from the business relationship, then it’s time for you to add value to somebody else.

Fill out the Moxie Mentor Questionnaire to take the next step.

You’re not alone.  You’ve got MOXIE.


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