Pleased to announce …

Introducing my UPCOMING BOOK – Campouts, Quicksand, and Cesspools – A Journey through Life’s Messes  


I hope you will join me in the upcoming months as we take this journey together!  I am beyond thrilled to have finally found the words and emotions to openly share these lessons.

CQC cover idea

Introduction:  I know a lot of Christians who are really good at camping out in fields of hypocrisy, knowingly following their friends right into quicksand (and justifying their reasons for why) and even inviting their friends along with them into their own cesspools of junk … all while on their our journey to forgiveness.

Sometimes unintentionally, but sometimes we even set out to do so.  Stupidly, some of us actually wanted to get ourselves stuck.  We even wanted to take others down when we went – because having our friends join us in a pool of bitterness would make for a great party.  Right?!  (wink)

It has taken me an inordinate amount of time to learn these lessons: the meaning of unconditional love and His true gift of grace.  He has graciously set me free.  Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about the lifelong journey I’ve taken to get unstuck.  Parts of this journey even involved a number of u-turns.  Yours doesn’t have to take a lifetime.  There is hope in the journey when we abide in Him.


Attention Fellow Bloggers:  If you would like the chance to offer a review of the book ahead of its official release date please leave a comment with your email address and we’ll be in touch!!!


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