Abram’s sacrifice / God’s dream



A soul-friend invited me to participate in an online 20-day study.  This was perfect!  From the comfort of my own living room?  The invitation said I could order the book online (but it wouldn’t arrive in time for the start of the study) or I could just follow along online.  This was great being that we have just moved to another state, for too many reasons to state here, and so she and I could chat online about what we had gleaned from the daily lessons.  I loved this opportunity to switch it up a bit.

What neither of us knew at this point was how IN LINE the messages were going to be for me and this chapter of my life.

I’ve never heard of Havilah Cunnington before (I have a feeling women across the States might gasp at me saying that – but it’s the truth) but I was game.  The title “Eat. Pray. Hustle.” caught me.  So I figured WHY NOT?!

And yesterday, day 2 of the 20 day study, hit me square between the eyes.  Havilah shared the story about Abram and Sara’s dream to have kids despite Sara’s inability to do so.  And while the specifics of their dream was different for them vs us… God asked them to make a sacrifice in order for God’s dream to come to fruition in their lives.

Genesis 12:1-3 outlines God’s request to Abram to pack up and move where He would guide them.  They left their people and their homeland… and because of their obedience their time to flourish was upon them.  Not only did they have a child… their legacy lived on in an entire generation!  God’s dream was far bigger than their dream for themselves ever was.  And they stepped out in faith and followed God’s leading… even though it required sacrifice on their part.  And they were blessed for it… generation upon generation was blessed for it.


While I sit here, in my new rocking chair, in a new city, with a lot of unknowns I know I have faith that my God will meet all our needs.  I know that my God has a plan for us, to further us, and for us to prosper.  And I will continue to follow His leading as we seek His will in our lives.  And I am encouraged by the dreaming that Abram did and the leap of faith example I was reminded of today.


If you’d like to join the FREE ONLINE STUDY | Eat. Pray. Hustle… Dream Chasing God’s Way then find it here:  Eat. Pray. Hustle.  (The event started on 1/1/16 and runs for 20 days.)


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