Hustle is the verb of our dreams



As I reflected on International Women’s Day yesterday I was moved to tears by the amount of POWER in our hustle.
I am a mentor for a growing number of female entrepreneurs who inspire me daily. We all put so much heart into our business. We view our businesses as an extension of our legacy – which is evident in us naming our businesses, projects, teams after our values or dreams, etc. In the end, it’s not just a business name – it’s a reflection of us. In many cases it’s not just putting food on the table – although it’s doing that too.  We’re also throwing down a personal challenge for us to live up to EVERY DAY.
Think about this – this is POWERFUL!  Our hustle catapults us toward our dreams!
But here’s the thing to keep in mind as a leader of a group of business people: not everyone in the group is being catapulted at the same speed. They have different dreams and their hustle is going to get them there at a different pace.  And that’s ok.  It truly is.
I’ll share a Moxie tip here that comes up quite often:  IT’LL TAKE THE TIME IT TAKES.
May I encourage you today to keep your focus on YOUR focus. Let your hustle be your catapult …

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