Living an EXPECTANT Life

Dear Brothers and Sisters, please accept this is an open letter to the Christian church:


We seem to be focusing on a few themes these days, Christians.  And I’m afraid we have stunted our own spiritual and personal growth by a mindset that we’re waiting with expectations instead of forging ahead and LIVING AN EXPECTANT LIFE!

I, for one, know how easy it is to get stuck in the “ONE DAY” mindset.  Many of us are blogging or tweeting or updating our profiles about ONE DAY getting better, on one day being healed, on someone or some thing finally fixing us, on someone finally recognizing our worth, on finally feeling competent, on finally getting a better paying job, on finally finding forgiveness for someone, on finally giving up a lifetime of bitterness, on finally moving past sorrow, on finally accepting God’s grace, on finally giving ourselves grace, on someday moving past shame or fear or hurt or abandonment or … or finally truly feeling loved, or finally this or that


Let me ask:  What are we waiting for?!  Seriously.

Christ has ALREADY shown us who He is.  He lives in us – and since HE IS FOR US who can be against us?!  We ALREADY have the VICTORY !  We ALREADY know His name!

We don’t need to wait for Him to gift it to us over and over and over again…  He has already given it to us.  So I ask again, what are we waiting for?!


Are we praying for God to move the mountains (got roadblocks?) or are we just MOVING?


May this be your anthem, as much as it is now mine:  Elevation Worship – Evidence.  Like it did for me, may it encourage you to just MOVE!  (And I don’t necessarily mean physically packing your bags – but that may not be a bad idea either.)

Or maybe THIS song could play every morning to get you off on the right foot:  Jeremy Camp, Same Power.  (So powerful!)


Here’s the thing Brothers and Sisters:  God doesn’t need us to get better to use us.  God knows how to WORK THROUGH our hurt, and IN SPITE of our fear, shame, pain, insecurities, even our own roadblocks / mountains..  Let me say that again – He doesn’t need you to get better before He can use you.  Think about THIS:  He created you,  He knew the joyful and painful days of your life before you were even in your mother’s womb!  And He created each of us in HIS IMAGE!  He created you with a specific reason in mind.  He even knew you’d be reading these words today, at this very moment in time.  What is He saying to you?

How are YOU going to move today?  How are you going to live out that EXPECTANT life today?




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