TODAY changed the world!

If the extraordinary events that took place on this day in history had never happened we’d ALL be lost!  Simply lost… we’d be rejected and forgotten and doomed.  Think about it – how long could have humanity continued on without the hope of redemption?  without the hope of life?  without the hope of freedom from sin?  without the hope of peace?  without the hope of victory?

Having no reason to hope in eternity we would be living in fear, shame, doubt, guilt, sin… full of ourselves and yet empty of everything.

empty tomb


But 3 days after He was crucified by His greatest enemies the tombstone was found to be rolled away from in front of His grave … and the women who had come to prepare His body for burial were greeted by an angelic messenger and reassured.  “Do not be afraid” was the reassuring message and they were tasked with the job of sharing the good news!  What had been prophesied was completed.  He was not there!  He has risen!


I simply cannot fathom this life without His hope!  Life would not be living without the divine purpose He is bringing about in my life.  He has gifted me with talents and skills and personal stories that I know will bring glory to His purpose and His kingdom.  Without that purpose life would be NOTHING.

Today we celebrate… HE IS RISEN!



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