Hey Self…



Hey self – you know that feeling you’re left with when you get a fake greeting or hug from someone?

You’ve just met a long-distance friend in-person for the first time but there’s clearly a weird vibe.  You know that gut-check that hit you when they wouldn’t look you in the eyes?  Remember the 3-pats-on-the-back hug and quick walk-away?  You know how that feeling has lingered and you can’t quite put your finger on why it felt so weird?  You know how you’d love to shake that feeling?

Hey self – remember that feeling.  Remember how you walked away perplexed?  Remember how it stung immediately but you couldn’t quite put your finger on why?  Remember that feeling.  And try your hardest to not leave someone standing in the same place.


And on the contrary – remember that feeling when someone apologized to you, truly sincerely, the first time you met in person?  Remember how he made eye contact and was sincere in that moment?  Remember how you thought to yourself as you walked away – “Yeah, he had kinda dropped the ball.  But wow – I certainly wasn’t expecting that apology.  But that guy – he’s got integrity.  That was kinda rad.”  Remember how that felt?  Remember how you felt honored in that moment?  Remember how you recognized that it was difficult to do that – but it was the right thing to do?  Remember that feeling.

It’s in your power to make others feel cherished when you meet them.  People may not remember the clothes you were wearing or the words you used during a conversation, but they will remember how you made them feel.  Look them in the eyes.  Honor their existence.  Offer respect of their time and presence.

Be present.  Be real.  Be authentic.







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