Free Printables for your War Room

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We got moved in to our new place and the prayer closet (aka “war room”) is coming together!  I’ve been intentional about posting family pictures, pictures of friends including some amazing mementos, pictures of dreams… and most importantly SCRIPTURE!

Honestly, the Word of the Lord is the place to start.  Here’s some of the scriptures I created for my prayer closet… feel free to use these for yourself!

I’m going to war (going to God in prayer) over a few things … in my life, for situations in friends’ lives, for relationships that need healing, for our country, the list goes on…

My favorite one is Psalm 121:1-2.  You?



colossians-2-15 ephesians-1-12 ephesians-6-12 james-5-16b matthew-6-13 philippans-2-9-11 psalm-27-1 psalm-30-1
psalm-121-5-6 psalm-121-7-8 romans-4-5


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