Day 1: Beatitudes for Women study

Welcome to the 10-day study on the Beatitudes for Women!  I am glad you joined us!  

The event is happening via Facebook Live videos – in Facebook just do a search on #beatitudesforwomen.

And then come back here – because each day there will be a new blog post where I share the FREE printable for the day!  A brief synopsis of what I shared in the video is below.

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Day 1 synopsis:

Beatitudes for Women study



Thank you for joining me today!  And I am really excited to share with you what I’m learning through this study.  Today I am going to do a brief intro and share the first of the eight Beatitudes of Women.  Today’s video may be a bit longer than the rest of the videos over the next 10 days.  I value your time and don’t want to keep you too long… I know we have our days in front of us, but please know that I appreciate your time and hope to bring you some valuable information to think on as we learn together.

I’m Lori and I’m a daughter of the King / reformed rebellious preacher’s kid / studier of the Word / equipper of women / your loudest cheerleader / a friend to all / but really just a girl with moxie)

What is a “beatitude”?  It consists of two parts / two phrases: First, a blessing in the form of a quality or experience.  And second a promise of reward.  Typically the first half is known to create character to develop the promise which is stated in the second half.  If this is confusing, I think this will make more sense as we dive in.

For some background, some of us have undoubtedly heard about The Beatitudes as shared by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount (found in the New Testament book of Matthew 5, pg 1182 in my Bible … giggle ), which may be the most shared and yet least understood sermon.  Why is it misunderstood?  Because it’s counter-intuitive really.  And yet it is the definition of being Christ-like.

One more note on the Sermon on the Mount – as it was shared by Jesus, it was an invitation to a way of living that brings true happiness … a true, deep, satisfying contentment.  Striving to emulate these characteristics will propel towards living a life of true happiness and we will find a deep joy in our true identity in God.

All of that said – this list of the Beatitudes for Women is going to read a bit differently than how it reads in Matthew 5.  This list was found somewhere in my journeys through life and clearly some creative license has been taken.  While I cannot take credit for this version of the Beatitudes for Women I have created some fun free printables that I am sharing on my blog.  I’ll post a link in the pinned post to find the blog and the free printable will be shared daily.   So let’s dive in…


Day 1:

Blessed is the woman of faith and hope.

She will be a sign of the presence of God among us.


Having faith and hope isn’t always easy, it is?  This is the part where “developing character” is going to make more sense.   Let’s read that again…

Are you facing a tough decision?  Or an insurmountable obstacle?  A hopeless financial / relational / physical / emotional hurdle?

How you conduct yourself through this character-developing moment will prove to be an amazing reward.  I promise you this.  About a two and a half years ago my husband and I were facing some life-changing decisions.  These decisions were inevitably going to bring about change to our financial state, our living arrangements, our family situation, etc.  And I said “LET’S DO THIS!”  And he said – “Whoa – let’s analyze this.”  And deep in my soul I knew that I knew that I knew that I had peace about the making this change… we prayer over it, he analyzed it, I prayed for his analysis.  And weeks later during an afternoon walk he said to me “Your faith is beautiful.”  He saw the depth of my faith, and even though he was still seeking out that faith & hope for himself, he saw the presence of God in my faith & hope.

There is nothing more I could ever ask – but for others to see God in me.  Seriously – nothing!

My friends, remain faithful and hopeful in ALL things.  The fortitude and peace that it leaves in its wake is astounding.  I’m telling you!

Blessed is the woman of faith and hope.

She will be a sign of the presence of God among us.


Thank you for joining us today and I look forward to going through the rest of these together over the next 9 days – with a break for Christmas day.  Go in faith…


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