Day 5: Beatitudes for Women study

Welcome to the 10-day study on the Beatitudes for Women!  I am glad you joined us!  

The event is happening via Facebook Live videos.  Each day there will be a new post to share the FREE printables!  A brief synopsis of the video chat is shared below.

Click on image to enlarge / save.

Day 5 synopsis:

Blessed is the woman of discernment.

The wisdom of God will be her riches.


What is a “beatitude”?  It consists of two parts / two phrases: First, a blessing in the form of a quality or experience.  And second a promise of reward.  Typically the first half is known to create character to develop the promise which is stated in the second half.

In the NIV version of the Bible the word “wisdom” is found 219 times!  I used BibleGateway to look up verses on the topic…  and I’d like to challenge you to do the same.  What do you say?  Spent 10-15 mins looking up about 5 verses on the topic of wisdom?  See what the Bible says about the eternal gift of wisdom and think on that today.

We’ll see you tomorrow for Day 6 of the Beatitudes for Women study.



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