January 2017 – Young Living news


Welcome to 2017!  Where the world will do a dance for a day or two and then we’ll get down to business … I’m sure a lot of us have BIG PLANS for the year.  I know I do!  Tell me what those plans, dreams, calendars look like!

– I’ll be doing some more travelling (Florida, Utah, to the beach… where else should I go?)
– I’ve set some lofty goals and challenging dates for myself
– I’ve picked my word for the year (do you do that?  what’s your word?)
– I’ll be settling into our new home quite a bit more
– I am so excited about setting up my new home office and truly “making it mine”
– And so much more…

But first I’m going to check out this 21-day Full Body Restoration some of my friends are doing and I’m going to see what’s going on with the January promo offerings.  You see, I buy products every month from Young Living and when I do (and I hit certain promo levels) I can earn free Young Living products!

Who doesn’t love free stuff?!



Here’s the short and sweet of it when it comes to the details:
– These promo items change monthly.
– When you spend money on a monthly basis I recommend you do so with an Essential Rewards order.  When you’re enrolled in Essential Rewards you earn points back that can be redeemed for free products.  (It’s kind of a no-brainer, I’d say! And no-catch, no-cost to enroll / cancel, etc… stay with it for as long or as short as you’d like … but we get more points the longer we utilize this service!)
– When you buy your products and hit the promo amounts listed above you receive those items FOR FREE!!!
– These items are automatically added to your order and shipped right along with your items.
– AND you can earn the promo items twice* – in a Quick Order and in an Essential Rewards order!  (*unless they read “ER Bonus item” – those can only be earned on ER orders.)

So, what are you ordering this month?  And which of the above items are you receiving for free?


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