Famous last words: I found it online.



I’m a big believer in these “inter-webs” for many purposes…

  • I found my first home through an online search. And I lived there for 15 years!
  • I found my husband in an online dating chat room. And this year we celebrate 14 years together!
  • I found some great home decor online. I’m telling you, I found some REALLY great home decor!
  • I found a new job online. And I also found a place to thrive!
  • I found my second home through an online search. And I’m swooning over that home now!
  • I found my voice online. You’re reading my blog after all!
  • I found a community online. And I am so very grateful for that community!
  • I found long-lost friends online. And I have lost friends online…

I found all sorts of good stuff online… but don’t be fooled, not all things online are good things. There are bad things online. Very bad things.

And my online search also led me to Young Living Essential Oils.  I found YLEOs due to a search for wellness, because I was tired of illness.  And I’m happy to report that through YLEOs I found much more than just wellness.

You can visit their farms in person or learn more about what sets them apart as the leader in the essential oil world here:  Seed to Seal quality commitment


Get yours today! https://goo.gl/rsW2c5


Pictured above is what you’ll receive when you enroll as a wholesale member with Young Living.  You get to customize your order to pick your diffuser of choice (pictured above is the Dewdrop diffuser – but I recommend the Rainstone diffuser, it’s so sexy looking!) and then the Kit comes with 11 oils, some reading material, and samples of NingXia Red (a daily favorite of mine), as well as a Product Guide and other reading material.

And as an added bonus when you become a YL member you will also receive a personalized oil map for you, geeky / nerdy info from me, and access to our oil resource page.  Needless to say, you won’t be alone in this journey.  So, what do you say?  Which diffuser are you going to get?

Get yours today! https://goo.gl/rsW2c5


This online post comes with a warning: there are people attempting to sell YLEO products on websites like Amazon, eBay, etc… even on Walmart’s website!  Be forewarned… someone can easily buy a bag of those tamper-proof lids and alter the contents before replacing the original lid with one that could fool you.  Do not be fooled.  Only buy directly from youngliving.com.  Ask me how to do that… lorijtisdale@gmail.com.





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