I work to worship God…

This week brought about a change in my professional career.  Actually, a bit of a revival, a restoration even (restore = my word for the year).  And through even this transition I am amazed at the spiritual and emotional growth God is taking me through.

Why am I still amazed when He does that?!

For the past 25 years I’ve worked in the investment industry… but due to a number of circumstances I have been in the senior care / housing industry for the past 10 months. Having learned a lot and met some amazing people … I am beyond grateful for this most recent chapter.

Long story short, an exciting opportunity in the investment industry presented itself and I jumped at it.  And I’ll be honest with you, I have greatly anticipated an eventual return to “my happy place”.  I have been given an opportunity to work in my strengths and put my skill set to work in a way that will make a difference daily.  And for that I am so very grateful!

I so love how God skillfully shows us who He created us to be…

God took me away from my happy place to remind me of the strengths He created me with and was so gracious to give me.  And then He showed me His love by restoring me to my happy place and planting me in a new place to flourish!


Earlier this week as I was bidding adieu to the former set of co-workers I felt led by God to leave them with a few thoughts.  During our morning staff meeting I made a comment about my dedication to doing my job well and working with integrity.  I explained that was my way of doing my best for God’s purpose.  My commitment to doing good work was not for anyone walking this planet – it was out of a desire to please my Heavenly Father.


I knew it was of God that I share this at this morning staff meeting … and I know that the people in the room in that moment needed to hear it for some reason (a reason I may never understand).  Even in that moment I was honoring Him by being obedient to what He asked me to do.

We often fall in to a singular focus of self-advancement in the workplace.  We can easily get distracted with office politics, hurt feelings, and so much more.  And yet when we are not focused on self and rather on working for the One who created us we are ultimately performing an act of worship to the one who created us!

And a light bulb when on as two things came to me this morning during my daily coffee-infusion with the “Morning worship” YouTube playlist going.  The groggy haze was lifting as I ran across a topic I wanted to do a biblical word-study on: Avodah (the transliteration of the Hebrew word for worship and work).  About half-way through the song called “To Worship You I Live” that spiritual light bulb came on. I call these God-moments… He’s talking to me in word and song, and I know it’s time to stop what I’m doing and just listen to Him.

And so I share with you today’s encouragement – work to worship.  This is your worth-ship.

God created us for one reason: to worship him.

We do that in word, in deed, and in heart.  Worship isn’t merely singing a song in church.  Worship isn’t always hands raised or kneeling at the altar.  Worship is every day.  Worship is found in our words, our thoughts, our priorities, our obedience to do what He asks us to do, setting aside personal wishes for an eternal legacy, our willingness to be bold about our faith… worship is our heart-nature.

How are you worshiping Him today?


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