What’s all this business about the essential oil biz?


So you’re here for one of three reasons:

  • You’re one of the three people who regularly reads my blog posts (thanks Mom!)
  • Or you’re here to figure me out…
  • Or you’re here because you too are curious about the income opportunity that so many have found through Young Living.

It doesn’t matter WHY you’re here. Honestly. But I’m glad you are. First of all, welcome.  You were brave to click on that title up there.  ::: round of applause to you, my friend! :::

In May 2014 I shared a picture on social media about a new daily regimen I had found to support a healthier way of living. And without much social media savvy on my part it somehow still went viral (no pun intended). OK – not really “viral”, but dozens of comments in 30 mins on my social media post was way more than this girl was used to.  In my world, that’s viral.

Seriously though… I posted the picture/comment and then went in to work (and of course NOT paying attention to social media), and a friend called and asked – “Do you see what’s happening on that post you did?!”

But let me back up… I didn’t start Young Living to make money.  I started with Young Living because I trusted the friend who shared it with me, and I was looking for some fresh support for a healthier way of taking care of myself.

There I was, just sitting at my work station and using my new essential oils… and telling friends about it like they share about a great restaurant or their favorite ice cream.  And it peaked their interest too. And some of those people who commented on my social media post decided they wanted to give these essential oils a try for themselves… they must have trusted my opinion, right?! And then all of a sudden I got a check in the mail because they too had ordered their YL Premium Starter Kits.

That’s when I “accidentally” became a Young  Living distributor and unknowingly started “doing the business”.  Up until that point I was a consumer using and loving the oils.  I was working a full-time job (and still am), I was organizing / marketing local flea markets and craft fairs, I had an Etsy shop, and had some of my handmade creations in a couple local stores for resale.  I was a busy girl.  I had no business doing another business.

So back to that  “distributor” title… I don’t like it.  I much prefer “essential oil educator”, or “chief essential oil zealot”, or ” master of the hippy plant juice”, or even “crazy oil lady”.  Anyway – it doesn’t really matter.  Who doesn’t want their oils paid for?!

Disclaimer: Not everyone who becomes a Young Living member decides to also pursue the business side.  That’s not how it works.​  You can just use and love the oils… OR as your friends & family want to know more and they decide to become a member you can get paid a nice little bonus from Young Living,  Which means more oils!  YES!


I love working…

If you’ve known me a long time you’ll know that I love all things business related.  I was a business student in high school, studied international business / marketing in college… and as I mentioned above I have run several of my own businesses since my early 20’s.  Some of them were more successful than others.  All came with lessons about doing business.

But let me tell you something – while I have a lot of experience I do not have a business degree.  That’s right. I did not finish my college degree due to my marriage falling apart at the age of 22. I was left with a mountain of debt and found myself having to work full-time so that I could pay my bills and get back on my own two feet.  I was working a full-time job and helping others with odd jobs to pay the bills.  This too brought some important lessons.

My point?  Fast forward to 20 years later… I have a bit more experience in the “running a business” arena, but still no college degree.

Here’s the thing… running with a business like Young Living, while it takes some personal & business development, it can be done by anyone.  ANYONE!  No matter your background, no matter your experience… anyone!

A bit more about Young Living…

And let me tell you — this business is absolutely incredible!  I love the oils and I love to tell people about my favorite things, but before I became an essential oil freak I was HIGHLY skeptical!  As in, when someone in the room started to talk about essential oils I would roll my eyes and quietly make my escape from the room before they would ask me if they could rub lavender oil on me.

And then I saw some essential oils used for a few friends at my 40th birthday party weekend o’ fun.  And I at least opened my eyes and ears to hear a bit more.  And so when one of those friends decided to host a quaint Q&A at her house to answer questions (she had started using oils about 4 months prior and a ton of us were asking questions) about essential oils I decided to put my skepticism aside and go hear it for myself.

That night I took the plunge.

About a month later was when I posted the “viral post” I mentioned above.  And the rest is history.

So, about the business of the essential oil business…

I already loved my oils and couldn’t shut up about them.  And so, like I did with my self-education about how to learn the ins / outs of using the oils, I dove right in with all the resources provided for us in terms of the essential oil business education.

I watched videos, read blogs, poured myself into social media posts, asked questions of others doing the business, had coffee with others pursuing this income opportunity to learn as much as I could… etc!  I dove in with both feet even though I had initially said I had no interest in taking on another “business” of any sorts.

Little did I know at that time how much my life was going to change.  Here we are 4 years later… and along with a crew of about 60 other people pursuing this income opportunity we’ve built a business that last year did over a third of a million dollars in production volume.

Beyond that it’s hard to really put it into perspective HOW MUCH my life has changed.  Not only are we earning residual income and building relationships with amazing oil lovers, but I’ve also discovered so much about myself and grown in ways I never knew possible! It has been such an incredible adventure!

For those of you who like to help out your friends, who have dreams of financial freedom, who seek out ways to stay at home with your kids, who want to make some residual income or supplement their income, or even just want your essential oils paid for – this is for you!!  No matter your dream… our team is GREAT about embracing our new oil friends and encourage you in as much or as little as you’d like to put in.

I love helping others as they seek out business info – and absolutely love seeing “the light go on” when talking to others about the BIG things that can happen in this business.   

Maybe you’re already an essential oil member on my team, and maybe you’re not.  Either way – if you’re interested in starting a business with Young Living on The Oily Sistas team please feel free to shoot me an email.  Let’s chat!  lorijtisdale@gmail.com

We have resources, a mentorship, business classes, graphics, and so much more for you to use freely! I look forward to meeting you!!


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