Dear #oolaguru and #oolaseeker

Coronado Island, Oola Dream Tour kick-off party (2015)

Hey Guys… yeah, #oolaguru and #oolaseeker… I’m talking to you.  I just entered to be an early recipient of the Oola for Women book pre-release blogger party!  #oolaforwomen

Let it be known…. I want on your blogger list!


OK – That settles it… you’re here, you or your representative is reading this right now and someone is laughing.  I can hear you!  Together we’re going to change the world with a word!  But first it starts with me getting the opportunity to weigh in with a few hundred words when I do that book preview I promised to do!  So, what are you waiting for?  I’m in, right?!

I was there at your first San Diego visit, and then at the Coronado Island Oola Dream Tour kick-off party, and more… you know I’m a fan.  And you already can’t shut me up when it comes to the #oolalife.

I’m ready for your challenge… send your book my way!

Oola Dream Tour Bus


Oola Dream Tour Bus


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