Yes, I’m writing about NOT writing…

OK – I’ve been “brewing up a blog post” or ten for like ten months now.  And my over-whelmed brain just keeps brewing and brewing and brewing, and not putting anything out.

I could find all sorts of excuses… say blame it on the fact that I moved AGAIN, that I changed jobs AGAIN, that I went on 100% more work trips than I did the year prior, that I have a pool that distracts me on.the.regular…. that I’m working HARD, etc.  But they’re just excuses. I know enough to know that when I want something bad enough I just find a way to make it happen.

  • Like the summer between my sophomore and junior year of high school when I couldn’t stand the thought of ANOTHER 3 week long summer road trip (I was dealing with what was ‘restless leg syndrome’ and we didn’t know there was a name for it WAY back then)… so I went out and found a job so I had an excuse to stay home and NOT be sitting still in the car with the family.
  • Like when I wanted to go to summer camp so I pitched in to help pay for the registration (split the cost with my parents 50 / 50) by doing odds and ends jobs for family / friends to earn the money to do so.
  • Like working a 2nd job to pay off college debt so I could have the extra money on a monthly basis to pay for a car payment (meaning, I was upgrading my car situation).
  • Like when I wanted to learn a new skill and took time out of my evenings and weekends to dedicate to teaching myself that new skill.
  • This list could go on and on… literally!


I know me well… when I want something bad enough I commit to “doing the work” and make the necessary sacrifices (and few excuses) to make it a reality. This is my resilience. This is my success.

So, what’s holding me back on NOT writing?  I’m not real sure. But I’m not ignoring the writer’s block. I’m “brewing” still, and I’m processing the emotions of it all, and I’ll be sure to share it here when I figure it out… you know me, I’m an over-sharer.


My word for the year is RESTORE… and while I haven’t done much blogging about it, I feel the topic percolating to the surface in a number of areas of my life. So stay tuned on that front.  It just looks different right now.

Thanks for being here, thanks for checking out the blog when I post, thanks for being my friend.


That’s enough writing about NOT writing.  (grin)


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