Savvy Minerals makeup has me all…

Savvy Minerals makeup…. wow!  I’ve been using it now for over a month.  And I’ve stuck with it consistently.  And that’s saying something.


Before Savvy Minerals makeup I went through phases where I would try a new store-bought product here and there, use it anywhere from 2x – 12x until I just couldn’t keep up with the routine of it any longer.  In the end, the effect or outcome wasn’t worth the sacrifice of my time or effort or money…. or I ran out and didn’t love it enough to go guy it again.

Before Savvy Minerals makeup I even went through phases where I wouldn’t wear any makeup at all.

Before Savvy Minerals makeup I tried liquid foundations that just made my face sweat.  Sweat on the face is not cool.  So, no thank you.  Plus, then it would run down my face and off my face… and then it would just get ugly.  So  no thank you to liquid foundations.  Not my thing.

Before Savvy Minerals makeup my go-to routine was under eye concealer, eye shadow, eye liner and mascara.  Seriously – that’s all.  And lip balm.  Maybe just a lightly tinted gloss – but usually just lip balm.  It just came off right away.  (And no, I still haven’t tried the “lipstick that never comes off” – and here’s my reason: if it doesn’t come off then is it laced with some sort of chemical that’s not good for me to be licking or eating? No thank you.)

Before Savvy Minerals makeup I could pack my makeup into a coin purse. Not any more!  I got an upgrade.  It’s a bag made for electronic gadgets and accessories, but I’m resourceful so I’m using it for my makeup and essential oils and other things I carry in my tote.  And it just so happens to fit those things just perfectly!  It was a gift from a friend… and just perfect!  Thanks Elaine!


3 lip looks

I am having so much fun playing with my Savvy Minerals lipstick and lip gloss!  I used “Wish” lipstick and “Abundant” Lip Gloss.

  • Top left – no color on my lips.
  • Top right – Wish Lipstick only.
  • Bottom left – Layered Abundant Lip Gloss over lipstick.
  • Bottom right – Blotted just a touch of EYE SHADOW to my lips to tint them a bit darker, yes – Savvy Minerals eye shadow.

I just dipped my pinky onto the inside lid of my Savvy Minerals Crushin’ eye shadow to pick up a tiny bit of color… then blotted my lips to add the color evenly.  It’s subtle but perfect. Don’t you think?


Here’s the line up:

Quality products, toxin-free, long-lasting, easy to use, and GREAT looking!

And if you’ve considered becoming a Young Living member (which means access to discounts, monthly promos, free gifts from Young Living, reward points for being enrolled in the monthly auto-ship program, etc) then there are a couple of ways to get setup.

You can buy one of the Young Living Premium Starter Kits (complete with an essential oil diffuser of your choice and the best 11 oils to start with) or you can buy the “Basic Starter Kit” shown below and identify the personalize Savvy Minerals makeup items just right for you.  Start here.

The Basic Starter Kit ($45) gets you a wholesale membership (which is really what you want because it gives you 24% off retail prices)… but then they mail you some essential oil samples (Thieves, Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint), two NingXia Red pouches (packed with antioxidants that put other antioxidant drinks to shame), a bottle of Stress Away essential oil (my gateway oil – seriously, you’re going to want this), and roller fitment for the essential oil bottle.

Then you’d pick a number of your makeup items to add-on to the order (and/or other products) and you’d be on your way to great things!


Young Living Professional Accounts
Now let me talk to the makeup artists, the salon owners, the hair stylists reading today.  Did you know you can buy Savvy Minerals for 40% off Young Living’s Retail price for use or resale in your place of business?  Let’s chat about the ins and outs of doing this.  Your customers will appreciate knowing they can get their hands on toxin-free, long-lasting, tried & true products from YOUNG LIVING when they stop by your store front!  Email for more info:

Or if you want to enroll visit this link and when it asks for a Sponsor number, use mine: 1780608.

Intrigued?  There’s a number of things you can do next:

  • Email me:
  • Watch this video about HOW essential oils work
  • Read more about how essential oils can be used here
  • Watch this video about HOW essential oils work
  • Read more about WHY you should get your own Starter Kit
  • Enroll with your own Starter kit: click here
  • Learn more about the income opportunity with Young Living here

And my team has an amazing essential oil / usage group on Facebook group where you can join for a 30-day trial while you’re doing your research!  Ask me how!


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