Billy Graham’s legacy… our gain!

These are his words: “My home is in Heaven. I’m just passing through this world.”

He faced eternity willingly… knowing his life on this planet was temporary. Every thought he had was long-term, heaven-bound, and God-focused. It made his short-term issues of much lesser importance.

We should not be mourning his passing. He wouldn’t want us to. He would want us to party it up with him…. imagine him dancing on the heavenly streets of gold, imagine him sprinting towards the throne of God… it’s hard to visualize. But I dare you.


May that vision serve as a challenge for our faith today…


Why would he do that? Because he served a GREAT God! Rev. Billy Graham made it his life’s mission to share his story, to share the freedom he found in Christ’s grace, to make sure he could share that with as many people as possible and as often as he could.

We should not be sad on this day. We should be happy. We should be thrilled that he left this legacy to us, for us to carry on.

We should be challenged to continue his legacy.

Rev. Billy Graham… thank you. To the family of Billy Graham, our hearts are with you today. We know you’ve long said your goodbyes to the leader of your household, you’ve said farewell to your legacy-leaver, you’ve said “see ya later pops… we’ll see you on the other side”.


To God be the glory…




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