“I’m allergic to lavender – it gives me headaches!”

So you haven’t smelled Young Living’s lavender yet?

  • Not all oils are created equally.
  • Did you know the labeling guidelines in the U.S. don’t force manufacturers to tell you if their “100% pure” product is all plant juice or if it was created in a lab? It could simply match the chemical markers of plant juice and they can still claim it’s pure…. even though it’s never seen a day of sunshine in it’s life. No joke.
  • If the lavender you have smelled has given you a headache it’s most likely because it’s not plant juice, aka not an essential oil from a lavender plant but something created in a lab to smell like lavender.

I encourage you to get to know your farmer. Get to know their process. What do they use to keep weeds out? How do they protect their crops from bugs? What do they use to keep bugs from feeding on their plants? How do they harvest? When do they harvest?

I tried it for myself. It didn’t give me a headache!

Or does your essential oil bottler buy the plant juice from a third party? If so, does your bottler know the grower’s processes for bugs, weeding, harvesting? Or does your bottler just happen to be the highest bidder for that tub of oil?

How many times does your grower put the harvested plant matter through their distillation process? Once? Or multiple times? So it’s watered down? Ewww…. no wonder it doesn’t work.

Can you tour your grower’s operation and ask all the questions you want? Why not? Can you just show up to a farm and ask for a tour? Why not?

I could go on and on… my point? Young Living’s quality commitment to their legacy, to their farmers, to their employees, and to all of mankind who will ever be impacted by one of their products is THIS… they want to bring an exceptional product to market for a purpose, not for profit.

Sure they can sell watered-down essential oil, if they really wanted to. But they’d rather report “out of stock” until they can bring a product to market that meets their high standards. Otherwise their product is doing a disservice to everyone involved.

You will find no expiration dates on Young Living essential oil bottles. Essential oils don’t expire. Fillers and preservatives expire.

What? The oil you’ve been using has an expiration date on it? Why are you still using it? Why use natural essential oils (in place of UNnatural, toxic products) just to instead use a product that has toxic stuff added to it?

Just sayin’…

So when I see you next, will you trust me and just smell Young Living’s Lavender essential oil?


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