This never gets old… even after 5 years!


☕️ Last night I sat in a friend’s living room and watched as she fell in love with Young Living’s products, one minute at a time. She asked all her questions, she flipped through the product guide, she commented on how she loved that we have access to good products for our fur babies, and so on… and my heart was happy that she trusted me in those moments.

📦 She opened her box of wellness and grinned from ear to ear… and as she ripped into it she commented on everything!

💧EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I sit with someone and watch them go through their new box of essential oils, diffuser, product samples, and more I remember how I felt when I opened a similar box five years ago. I was slightly overwhelmed, I was hopeful, I was excited, and I was tired of dealing with the health issues that the doctors and specialists hadn’t figured out.

Five years ago TODAY… I sat in a Q&A session in a friend’s living room and asked some of the same questions my friend asked last night.

😝What if I don’t like the smell?
🧐Will I really use all of these?
😏Do the oils stain your clothing?
🤔How do I know I’m using them correctly?

😁And then I asked “What have I got to lose?!” and just jumped in with both feet and haven’t looked back. 😍


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