Girl, open that box of oils

Premium Starter Kit with Desert Mist Diffuser

Okay, here’s the deal. Most things in life that are new can be intimidating. So I’ll make it easy for you + make you a small to-do list. I always follow the KISS method with most things in life (keep it simple stupid). Here are the first four things to do when your Starter Kit arrives. Consistency is key, the more you use these things daily the easier it becomes. DIVE IN, don’t just put the box on the shelf. You didn’t spend your money for it to be wasted when there is so much MAGIC inside.
1-Take your oils OUT OF THE BOX. Smell them. Each one. Start using them.
2-Put them out on display, somewhere you will be able to grab them easily to make them a part of your daily routine.
3-Diffuse morning + night. I do ALL DAY LONG.

☀️Morning Blends:
+ 4 Citrus Fresh + 4 Peppermint
+ 4 Stress Away + 4 Citrus Fresh
+ 4 Stress Away + 4 Citrus Fresh + 2 Peppermint
+ 4 Lavender + 4 Lemon + 2 Peppermint

🌙Evening Blends:
+ 4 Lavender + 4 Frankincense
+ 4 Lavender + 4 Stress Away
+ 3 Stress Away + 3 Frankincense
+ 4 Peace & Calming + 4 Lavender
**diffuse next to your bed or your kid’s beds**

✨Anytime Blends:
+ 6 Peace & Calming
+ 4 Raven + 3 Peppermint
+ 4 Citrus Fresh + 4 Lemon
+ 4 Stress Away + 4 Panaway
4 – This is one is important. Grab your phone + go into your notes or grab a piece of paper. Write down the top things you’d love support with, like sleep, stress, anxiety, energy, the list goes on. Take your three things + type them each in search bar! You will find so much information, your mind will be blown. You will feel so inspired. Write down some ideas under each thing you wrote + make it a point to start using your oils daily. You WILL see changes if you’re CONSISTENT.

Aria diffuser

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