Team Young Living

🌱 This image embodies the dedication I strive to give to my business, my team, the group of members left in my care. As a leader in Young Living I am passionate about coming along side you in your journey to find answers, especially as you rely on quality products to THRIVE! But also I am passionate about training YOU up to do the same for your friends & family.

In July I was in Mona, Utah visiting a very magical place… the Young Living Lavender Farm and Distillery. It was a very special visit because I didn’t make it to the Farm last year during our annual International Convention. (I was feeling under the weather.)

This time I got to return – so I made the most of it! It was a warm day (freakin’ hot, actually), but we strategized on how to tackle ALL.THE.THINGS we wanted to see and made a bee-line for the NingXia tent when things were really warming up!

One of the things I love about Young Living is that we can visit the Farms, we can put our hands in the soil and even help plant… in this collage you will see over 100 sets of hands planting Clary Sage. That’s what was being transplanted from the greenhouses to the fields the day we were there.

These images of these hands in this unadulterated soil mean the world to me!
🌱 This image reflects the gift of nature in alternatives that support our well-being.
🌱 This image represents the true meaning of transparency and integrity of a company. 
🌱 This image personifies the heart of Gary Young and his vision to get essential oils into every home on the planet.

This is OUR FARM. We have a saying “Know your farmer.”

And this can be my farm and your farm… if you want it to be.
🌿 Are you a #goaldigger
🌿 Are you ready to link arms with an amazing community? 
🌿 Are you ready to chase own your own dreams?
🌿 Are you ready to secure an abundant future or your family?
🌿 Are you ready to be in business for yourself?
🌿 Are you wanting to create a steady flow of residual income? 
🌿 Are you ready to get serious about your health?
🌿 Are you ready to chase down your purpose?
🌿 Are you READY? 

🌿 Are you a go-getter, entrepreneurial or an eternal optimist?

I want to invite you to a conversation. Let’s chat. No really, hit me up.

Photo cred goes to all of the passionate Independent Distributors who visited the farm and took time to plant some Clary Sage. I take zero credit for these photos. I just put my know-how to work and created a collage from their images. Thank you #teamyl !!!


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