Grounding yourself

Grounding refers to a state of being in our world on multiple levels:

  • Connect to the earth physically – get grounded with your feet
  • Connect to your thoughts and emotions – get grounded internally
  • Connect to your spiritual side – get grounded to your source

All essential oils can have an emotional component and a physical component. So essentially (pun intended) all oils can be used to support one’s emotional well-being.

However, some aromatic effects of essential oils go straight “for the feels”. So if you find yourself surprised by an emotional reaction to the aroma of an essential oil – breathe deeper and prepare yourself for a moment of grounding. Your body and your senses are telling you something. Trust your instincts.

Take a tip from nature

Many of the oils used in the Grounding blend come from trees, barks and resins… and I mean, when you point out the obvious it makes logical sense that they would be used in this blend. We know that trees are LITERALLY grounded through their root structure to the earth.

So, take a tip from nature… and be intentional about touching the earth.

No matter how intentional we are about grounding with nature sometimes we let our thought patterns, everyday stressors, and even anxiety UNground us. But more on ideas and essential oils to help with those distractions and mindset issues in another blog post.

Grounding™ essential oil blend is a unique combination of white fir, black spruce, ylang ylang, pine, and other essential oils (see a full list below). It complements feelings of stability, clarity, and spirituality. Grounding’s warm and entrancing aroma can create an atmosphere that is perfect for finding self-awareness and confronting negative emotions.

Diffuse or apply it topically as you stabilize and ground your day and work to cope with life’s daily challenges.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Features a fresh, woodsy pine aroma with a floral hint
  • Uses a balancing blend of essential oils that promote feelings of stability, clarity, and spirituality
  • Includes the constituents alpha pinene, camphene, germacrene D, limonene, linalool, beta caryophyllene, and cedrol
  • Has a powerful aroma that helps create a relaxing, calming, and comforting atmosphere when diffused

Powerful Grounding Protocol: 

  • Be intentional to set aside 20 minutes for yourself out in nature. Decide on a place to ground yourself – in the mountains, at the beach, in your backyard, or around the block at a park. 
  • Be prepared: Take your Grounding™ essential oil blend. Find a quiet spot. Be prepared to take off your shoes. 
  • As you begin your journey put a drop of Grounding essential oil blend in the palm of your hand, rub hands together, cup over your face/nose/mouth and breathe deeply (in & out) for about 20-30 seconds. Let the aroma fill your lungs. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you.
  • Find a solitary place to take off your shoes and GROUND your feet in the soil, in the sand, on the grass (touch nature)… nothing between your feet and nature. (If you find that you can’t take your shoes off, put your hands on nature. Touch nature.)
  • Rub the palm of your hands on the back of your neck, down both arms, down your torso, towards your feet.
  • Cup your hands over your face/nose/mouth again and breathe deeply again (in & out) for 20-30 seconds. 
  • Listen to the sounds around you. What nature sounds are you hearing? Birds? Leaves falling/crunching? Waves crashing? Listen.
  • Look at the sights around you. What colors are you seeing? Blue? Green? Sunset? Hills? Sky? Trees? Earth?
  • Breathe – Take a deep breath. What does it smell like? Salty air? Other blossoms / scents in the air?
  • Take it all in. Feet or hands still touching nature. Be grateful for what you hear, what you see, what you are breathing in. 
  • Repeat to yourself 3 things you are grateful for in that moment. When you need to re-ground yourself think of those 3 things again.
  • Repeat the 20-30 seconds of breathing in the Grounding™ essential oil blend to take you back to that moment. 

Grounding Ingredients:

  • White Fir creates a feeling of grounding, anchoring, and empowering.
  • Spruce helps to open and release emotional blocks, creating a feeling of balance and grounding.
  • Ylang Ylang increases relaxation, balances male and female energies, and restores confidence and equilibrium.
  • Pine helps reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and energize the entire body. It has a grounding, yet empowering aromatic effect.
  • Cedarwood is high in sesquiterpenes, which can stimulate the limbic part of the brain, the center of emotions and memory. It stimulates the pineal gland, which releases melatonin, thereby improving thoughts, cognition, and memory. Cedarwood has been used for stabilizing and grounding oneself.
  • Angelica helps to bring memories back to the point of origin before trauma or anger was experienced, helping us to release negative feelings.
  • Juniper elevates spiritual awareness, creating feelings of love and peace.

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