20/20 Vision Workshops

In this VIDEO I was joined by my friends Melody Campbell and Alicia Itzaina to talk about the upcoming workshops that I’m SUPER pumped about! Listen in as we discuss the parts & pieces of the TWO upcoming workshops.

We go over:

– WHAT the 20/20 Vision & Business Planning Workshops are going to achieve in your life,
– HOW we’ll work with some amazing tools to set you up for success,
– And WHY your 2020 is going to the best year ever…because of the people you have surrounding you.

Let’s change some lives this year! You ready for yours to be one of them? Space is limited. So don’t wait too long! Tickets can be found here:
Saturday JAN 11th workshop: http://bit.ly/Jan11Vision
Monday JAN 13th workshop: http://bit.ly/Jan13Vision


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