Where does wisdom come from?

Another bit of wisdom from the Maxwell Leadership Bible to unpack this evening… again from the book of Job. The book of Job is the story of a normal human being who is beset by misfortune and suffering. Looking back on my notes this week I am pretty sure this theme was not on accident… God pulled me to study Job last week for a purpose. I made page after page of notes… and I wanted to share another topic of study tonight.

Job 28: 20-28 “Where then does wisdom come from? Where does understanding dwell? It is hidden from the eyes of every living thing, concealed even from the birds in the sky. Destruction and Death say, “Only a rumor of it has reached our ears.” God understands the way to it and he alone knows where it dwells, for he views the ends of the earth and sees everything under the heavens. When he established the force of the wind and measured out the waters, when he made a decree for the rain and a path for the thunderstorm, then he looked at wisdom and appraised it; he confirmed it and tested it. And he said to the human race, “The fear of the Lord—that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding.”

Job recognized his source of wisdom and sought after it earnestly.

Despite his confusion and pain, Job makes it clear that he looks to God alone for wisdom. Let that sink in…

Job understands that he cannot lead himself, let alone his family, without God as his never-ending source of perspective and understanding. Job has heard from his friends and knows that their theories ring hollow. Again, let that sink in… do you surround yourself with friends who are God-focused?

Job focused his efforts and time on God-wisdom.

So how does man’s wisdom differ from Godly wisdom?

Wisdom from BELOW:
o Works temporarily in a few situations
o Seems logical for the moment
o Limited in scope
o Competitive: it is win/lose

Wisdom from GOD:
o Is universal and timeless; yet eternally relevant
o Often seems illogical or sometimes backwards
o Always big picture and unlimited in scope
o Complementary: it is a win/win

Where do you spend your time when seeking wisdom? Who do you turn to? Are you working on changing some habits, like I am?

You are not alone.


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