Make wise choices…

Here’s your annual PSA: The flue is NOT a season. It is the INability to ADAPT due to decreased sun exposure and water intake, combined with increased sugar intake & STRESS.

Although a national “health” protection agency would like for you to believe it is a season and that you need to be “protected” from it with an injection, a virus is not smart enough to only come out between the months of November and February. That’s not how viruses work. In fact, we currently have an estimated 380 trillion viruses inhabiting us as a collective community. There are viruses in the blood, on the skin, and in the lungs. But they are not all dangerous.

When a virus is outside of a living cell, it is a dormant particle that cannot be reproduced. It only goes into action when it enters the cell and hijacks the cell’s metabolic mechanisms to reproduce. Therefore, viruses can only be grown in living cells, tissue cultures, or bacteria. Did you know that most commonly, viruses are grown in eggs to be injected into you?

When your body comes into contact with these microbes, your immune system springs into action to rid your body of the foreign invader. The symptoms you feel are proof of your immune system at work. Fever inactivates many viruses. Which is why we don’t reduce fevers at our house. We let them run their course while closely monitoring them and keeping the family member comfortable.

So what are you doing to support your immune system to fight invaders all year round? The goal here is to support your body so it can fight off an invader. You have the ability to strengthen your immune system to work for you.


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