I just listened to a friend talk on a video about all the “yes” responses she’s made over the past 7 years as a business owner… and how, over years of “yes’s”, some of those answers were looked at as crazy and didn’t necessarily make sense at the time. But her intuition told her they were right.

And yet TODAY – facing the challenges (read that “opportunities”) their family is pivoting through right now… it all makes sense as to why she knew her YES’S needed to be.

And it reminds me of my crazy YES’S, in a heart-warming way 🤣 … our decision to accept an offer on our home we weren’t really ready to sell, my decision to leave my career in the investment industry, my commitment to learn some new skills as a 40+ year old business owner, our decision to commit to an interstate move, my decision to start a new business while already building another, a decision to forge ahead on a whole new career path, and so many other things… meant that I could be here, established, with relationships and knowledge to aid our family and be WITH FAMILY through Grampa’s health crisis and passing earlier this year PLUS being by Gramma’s side through ALL.OF.THIS (aka “2020”) all while she navigated being alone for the first time since she was 19 yrs old (she’s 97 now)… including her broken ankle and all that entailed. Wow. Just wow.

The “YES’S” didn’t quite make sense at the time… but with prayer and the Holy Spirit guiding us through it all… I was right where I needed to be, when I needed to be there… with the tools & resources necessary. We had exactly what we needed… and we would have never known that’s what we needed.

So, friends… I share this to say, it may not necessarily make sense today. But God knows. He always knows.

Don’t quit. Keep saying YES! Be ready! Keep going! This adventure is truly inspiring! Look for more reasons to say YES and then hang on tight! You’re right where you need to be…. He’s GOT THIS!


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