But why wouldn’t you?

“No MLMs”

I still see this… almost daily.

“I’m looking for an amazing liquid foundation that will last all day – but please no MLMs”🧐
Or “I am looking to make extra income – but no MLMs”

I think to myself… 🤔

But why wouldn’t you want to model for your kids – hard work + integrity and build wealth for them at the same time? Maybe also model for them what it’s like to be a business owner and how to do all the things?

Or why wouldn’t you want to support a friend’s business? Maybe a mom raising kids and working from home? Or a college student trying to rock school and make money between all the work. Or a person trying to not live paycheck to paycheck anymore.

I guess when I really think about it, I get it. It’s not for everyone. But ANYONE can do it with a dedication to hard work and some self-discipline.

When it boils down to it – success in a corporate job also relies on relationships, personal development, believing in a product, and sharing about it.

When was the last time you told a friend about a movie to watch, a restaurant to try, a pair of stretchy pants that changed your life, your massage therapist, a vacation spot that was like heaven on earth…

Why not share products you love, an opportunity you love, with friends you love, and make money doing it?


Yes, this is my full time. And I’m doing work I thoroughly enjoy! And I know it’s changing lives. I’m hearing the stories daily. I’m proud of this good work!


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