By bravely living out your story you give others the power to do the same.

Yesterday afternoon I shared some of my rough patches in life, part of my life story, with a friend. I shared it with laughter and a light attitude. But it still stings to share it. One of the responses was: “I’d never have known. You always come across as so brave.”

So… tell me, what does “brave” look like?

Brave looks like loving life. It looks like someone enjoying the journey. It looks like it might even be easy… please know, that it isn’t always.

Brave looks like naiveté… to some.

It looks like trusting people and believing the best from them. I try to live by something I learned from John Maxwell: “Put a ’10’ on their heads”… meaning, view them as them doing their best. And expect from them their best.

Brave looks like offering hope. Don’t just BE HOPEFUL – be a hope dealer.(No, I didn’t say “dope dealer” 🤣 be a HOPE dealer.) Give it away.

Share openly. Be vulnerable and real.

You might be too much for people. That’s ok.
The people who need your message, your hope, your belief, your raw YOU, your courage, your charisma… they’ll find you.

Share of yourself.
Share of your wisdom. Share of your resources.
Share your conviction and confidence.
Share your compassion.
Share your God-given passion. Passion draws passion.

Share of YOU. You are powerful and brave, friend!

2 Timothy 1:7


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