Freedom Anniversary 2020

celebrating freedom in

Watching the sunrise this morning, and wrapping up my introspective week.

It’s been five full days of looking back on and sharing about the life-changing event that happened to me on Friday October 20th, 1996. It didn’t just happen TO me… it happened FOR me. Yep, FOR me.

FORGIVENESS has been a “thing” in my life… lesson after lesson since I was a young kid. And the lessons just keep coming… we’re always learning & growing, aren’t we? You guys, life is 80 percent personal development.

So today’s post comes with a challenge: Is there someone in your life you need to offer forgiveness to?

Ouch? Yeah, I know. That’s not a comfortable question. Do you need to forgive yourself? Maybe a parent? A former friend? A former spouse?

How do you do that? You just DO IT. Do you need to write them a letter that goes in a desk drawer and never gets sent? Do you need to find the resolve in your heart to just LET IT GO? Do you need to sit down with them and have an eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart conversation? Do you need to just move on?

Holding on to bitterness (and letting the victim mentality guide your actions, your words, your future relationships) doesn’t hurt the person who hurt you. It eats YOU up. Only you can change that. That’s right. Only YOU can let go of whatever it is you’re holding on to…

This forgiveness thing might take you years. That’s ok. It did for me too. And then all of a sudden I released it all. So, I’m not pushing you to do that TODAY – but I am pushing you to do it. Love you, mean it! 😘

Friends, if you feel this – you KNOW this to be true. You were not created to live a comfortable life. You were born to be an influencer and a radical world changer. Don’t shrink back from the call God has for you! Step into it. He will lead you. He will guide you. He will part the sea for your courage. I stinking P-R-O-M-I-S-E you that!

And I’m here for you. You’re not alone.


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