Use your tools wisely

Essential oils are a tool you can use to create specific environments in your home. Feel confident in the vibe around your home by diffusing essential oils! By mixing different types of essential oils, you can truly create a unique and customized space in your home.

Minty oils carry aromas that are energizing and invigorating! Pair with Citrus oils and this mixture is the perfect combo for your mid-afternoon routine.

Essential oils that come from herbs tend to have aromas that are soothing and refreshing. Diffuse these oils during times of serenity or in common areas around the home.

Floral essential oils have aromas that bring about peaceful and hopeful feelings. These oils are great to diffuse in the evening as you settle down for the day.

Citrus oils are commonly known for their uplifting and positive aromas! Start your day off strong by diffusing citrus oils as you prep for the day ahead. In a funk? Diffuse Citrus!

Essential oils derived from spices typically have aromas that are motivating and serene. These oils are perfect for your Fall diffuser blends or for a day spent inside cozy and warm!

Tree oils really set the stage with their grounding and calming aromas. Diffuse these oils around your home for a balanced and centered environment.

What are some of your favorite oils to elevate you space?

Pictured: Aria diffuser

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