Who knew?!

Here are some fun facts:
1. Essential Oils can bypass digestion. Unlike using nearly anything else, your body will experience positive changes from using essential oils whether your gut is perfect or not!

2. Essential oils are fat soluble. Your skin soaks them up and pushes the oils deep into the bloodstream.

3. Essential oils cross the blood-brain barrier. So their wonderful power can flow deep into your system neurologically, and affect every system of the body – quickly.

4.Essential oils work off frequencies. Every single living thing has a different vibrational frequency. Oils stimulate and support certain parts of your body to create specific changes in frequency.

5.Essential oils are adaptogenic. They do for my body what MY body needs, and will do for your body what YOUR body needs.

6.Essential oils work in therapy localization. By applying an oil directly to the area you want support, you’re stimulating the nervous system intensely. Your brain tells your whole body to focus its energy there.

7.Essential oils clean receptor sites. When there is junk on the receptor site, the brain can’t send a signal to the body to tell it what to do or the brain can’t process the information that your body is receiving.

8.Essential oils are safe and easy to use. Period!

9.Young Living Essential Oils can be used through multiple applications.

Apply them! Diffuse them! Ingest them (the Vitality oils)!

(For safety purposes, follow the instructions on the bottle label.)

Holiday Starter Bundle

Convinced yet that this is a good investment for you and others in your home? Let’s talk about the best way for you to have your own Young Living account and start stocking up on life-giving products that are safe for the whole house and effective as heck.

You’re going to want your own account – and the best way to do that is with any of our starter bundles. This is the bundle that about 90% of people start with – but there are other options. Become a member today: https://yl.pe/lori-tisdale

Join our team. And then join our online oil community. I’m passionate about sharing HOW, and WHY, and WHEN, and WHERE to use essentials oils. You are not alone.


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